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We still make porcelain dolls today the way they were made over 100 years ago -
each one from a mold, hand crafted, and lovingly finished.
Every doll takes on its own personality
and becomes original and unique.

Look at Kewpies

We hope you enjoy looking at the dolls here - perhaps they will bring back a fond memory of a special doll you once had. Or, just a hint of that child still inside you!

"The Kewpie Room"

View Soft-fired
greenware list

Soft fired greenware is the "raw" material from the mold and must be fired in a kiln to become porcelain. It is then painted and fired in the kiln again to make the colors of the complexion and features permanent.
The list of soft-fired greenware also notes the availability of kits with already fired porcelain, that you can sew a body and clothes to assemble and complete.

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